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HydroDOS® Chlorine Dioxide

Legionnaire's disease is probably one of the most commonly known infections related to water quality in the UK and as a result there are numerous regulatory documents on guidance and approved codes of practice.

Chlorine Dioxide is a recognised method of bacterial control in the building services industry and an accepted method of control in the aforementioned documentation. By utilising two chemical precursors, typically a low strength hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite solution we produce the highly effective biocide chlorine dioxide, this is dosed into the system to meet the legal and recommended parameters for effective biocidal potency.

The HydroDOS® systems employ intelligent control mechanisms, one of which is a chlorine dioxide residual reference electrode which monitors the level of chlorine dioxide in the water going to service and automatically modifies dosing rates and chemical production to ensure these parameters are met and ensures efficient chemical usage, maintaining optimum operational cost whilst offering an effective method to control bacteria within you building services.

On earlier systems, mostly the HydroDOS® HD550 this highly sensitive measuring device was susceptible to fouling and as a result we recommend it be replaced annually accompanied by at least two biannual service visits, the newer HD550G utilises a self-cleaning reference electrode however due to increased risk to public health if the system is maintained/monitored/operated incorrectly we still recommend this device be replaced annually.

We aim to offer the most extensive level of service and support, when you engage in a service level agreement with us, we will attend site on a day and at a time most convenient to you, where will inspect HydroDOS® system, we will disassemble the system, de-foul and service the key mechanical components, replace dosing pumps seals and diaphragms, replace the chlorine dioxide reference electrode, carry out an onsite water analysis to determine the chlorine dioxide residual level and fully calibrate the associated control system to ensure maximum efficacy and efficiency by maintaining optimum system operation.

Please contact us for a no obligation quotation to ensure your HydroDOS® chlorine dioxide generator offers you the maximum in performance and the minimum in payback period.

If you want to know how the HydroDOS® works please refer to the followinglink HydroDOS®