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HydroFIL® Particulate Filtration

Whilst water authorities strive to supply you water of the highest quality, with such an expansive water distribution infrastructure that encompasses various materials, (that may be new or old), means that by the time water reaches you some impurities or particulates may be present. More and more people are considering water filtration as a simple and cost effective method of improving the quality of water in their home or business.

The process is simple, untreated water passes through a filter membrane varying in size (20µ, 50µ, 100µ, 200µ) and particles large than that size are removed and either manually or automatically flushed to drain.

When installed and maintained as per our instructions we can anticipate the membranes to last for approximately five to seven years. In situations where the filter may be being used for a more specialist application such as borehole, process water, etc. due to higher level of particles, chemical composition of the water the filter elements will need changing more frequently.

We aim to offer the most extensive level of service and support, when you engage in a service level agreement with us, we will attend site on a day and at a time most convenient to you, where we will inspect HydroFIL® system, disassemble the gun metal housing to analyse the internals, such as the water filtration membrane, backwash mechanism and automatic solenoid valve (where applicable) and if covered by your agreement replace components where necessary, reassemble the housing and put back in to operation to ensure correct operation. Once all this is carried out we will provide you with a comprehensive report for your records and where necessary we will offer advice on any further actions that may need to be carried out

Please contact us for a no obligation quotation to ensure your HydroFIL® filtration device offers you the maximum in performance and the minimum in payback period.

If you want to know how the HydroFIL® works please refer to the following link HydroFIL®