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HydroION® Base Exchange Water Softening

Base exchange water softener have long been considered the fail safe solution in scale control in the building services industry as the change to the water quality is chemical and as a result offer very tangible evidence in relation to correct operation and performance by carrying out an onsite water analysis.

To put simply the hard water minerals, (typically calcium and magnesium) are replaced by sodium ions through ionic exchange by using a high grade monoshperical ion exchange media which is "charged" with sodium ions via the introduction of an efficiently produced high concentrate sodium solution (brine) which is created by the dissolution of salt tablets.

All the HydroION® CS and C range of water softeners incorporate patented "stack technology" and feature state-of-the-art electronics and programming software. These features ensure the valve operates correctly and effectively, whilst all measures are taken to offer you a product of the highest quality whilst negating as much hands on maintenance as possible, ion exchange media does lose its overall exchange capacity over time, the valve head has mechanical components that fatigue after years of use so to ensure that your water softener operates as well as the first day it was installed, we would strongly recommend the consideration is made for a service level agreement with ourselves.

We aim to offer the most extensive level of service and support, when you engage in a service level agreement with us, we will attend site on a day and at a time most convenient to you, where we will check the HydroION® system parameters, interrogate the electronics to identify any previous faults, disassemble the control valve to analyse the internal mechanics and if covered by your agreement replace components where necessary, we reassemble the valve and manually initiate all regeneration phases to ensure correct operation and finally carry out an onsite water analysis and fully calibrate the associated control system to ensure maximum efficacy and efficiency by maintaining optimum salt use, water use and exchange capacity. Once all this is carried out we will provide you with a comprehensive report for your records and where necessary we will offer advice on any further actions that may need to be carried out

Please contact us for a no obligation quotation to ensure your HydroION® base-exchange water softener offers you the maximum in performance and the minimum in payback period.

If you want to know how the HydroION® works please refer to the following link HydroION®