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HY-MAG® Physical Water Conditioning

The HY-MAG® electromagnetic physical water conditioner is the benchmark in maintenance free physical water treatment technology. However to protect your assets and to ensure maximum performance we strongly recommend that our clients carry out a visual inspection of the system to ensure it is operating correctly.

If peace of mind is a necessity, then you may want to consider a preventative maintenance agreement with ourselves.

We aim to offer the most extensive level of service and support. When you engage in a service level agreement with us, we will attend site on a day and at a time most convenient to you, where we will check the HY-MAG® system parameters, interrogate the electronics to identify any previous faults and more importantly we will always ensure that the HY-MAG® is doing what it was designed to do, which was to protect your hot water generation plant. Once all this is carried out we will provide you with a comprehensive report for your records and where necessary we will offer advice on any further actions that may need to be carried out.

We also offer extended warranties on the HY-MAG® ranging from one to five years on top of the standard two year warranty to a comprehensive life time warranty.

Please contact us for a no obligation quotation to ensure your HY-MAG® electromagnetic physical water conditioner offers you the maximum in performance and the minimum in payback period.

If you want to know how the HY-MAG® works please refer to the following link HY-MAG®